Revolutionizing Results: Fitness Brand Achieves 575% Growth with Precision Strategy

Background: Fitness brand sales hovered between $20k to $30 a month with high ACoS of 60%


Insufficient Running Keywords
The brand targeted keywords that failed to resonate with the target audience, resulting in missed opportunities and a loss of market share.

No Ranking Campaigns
Without ranking campaigns, the brand was unable to secure prominent positions in search results, thereby missing out on valuable visibility and organic traffic.

Suffer with conversions
The conversion rate had been a persistent challenge for the brand, with customers visiting their platform but failing to convert into paying customers. The brand needed a strategy to inspire action and drive sales.

Intense Rivalry & High CPC
Operating within a fiercely competitive niche, the brand faced excessive CPC, making it difficult to achieve profitable results from their advertising efforts.

Plan Of Action

Crafted Relevant Keywords
Through advanced keyword research, we identified long-tail and buyer-intended keywords, targeting them in our PPC campaigns to reach a wider, more targeted audience. Multiple campaigns with different match types were created.

Finalized Keywords for Ranking
After comprehensive keyword research, highly relevant keywords specifically for ranking purposes were separated and targeted in exact match type.

Cleared the Junk
Irrelevant and broad keywords were eliminated, and unrelated search terms were negated to maintain the brand’s message and optimize advertising resources.

Placement Optimization
By identifying optimal campaign placements, we optimized ad spending, directing our efforts towards profitability and growth.

Listing Copy Improvement
We revamped the product detail page, focusing on unique selling points and addressing customer pain points to enhance conversions.

The Outcomes We Achieved

High CTR & ROI
The brand achieved higher conversion rates through a revamped detail page, resulting in increased click-through rates, revenue, and an improved return on investment for their marketing budget.

Soaring Revenue
From a stagnant $20K per month, the brand experienced a remarkable 575% growth, reaching $135K per month.

Reduced ACoS
We successfully reduced the ACoS from 60% to 25%, optimizing advertising spend while increasing ad sales.

Organic Ranking Triumph
Our ranking campaigns propelled the brand’s visibility to new heights, with an astonishing 70% of sales now originating from organic rankin



What Our Clients Say

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We are thrilled to share some delightful video feedback received from a valued client. Their words of praise have truly brightened our day and serve as a testament to our commitment and hard work. The client expressed their immense satisfaction with our exceptional service, highlighting our professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to meeting their needs. These kind words not only affirm the quality of our work but also inspire us to continue delivering excellence.





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