2.5x Growth & Reduced 50% ACOS in a Month


High CPC: The client was experiencing high cost-per-click, resulting in limited ad exposure and low traffic to their listing.

Low Conversion Rate: The listing was not optimized effectively, leading to poor conversion rates and a lack of sales.

High ACOS: The high ACOS of 54%, indicating inefficient ad spend and poor return on investment.

Plan Of Action

Campaign Audit: A comprehensive audit of the PPC campaigns was conducted to identify areas of improvement and optimization opportunities. The audit revealed the need for better keyword targeting, ad copy refinement, and bid management.

Extensive Keyword Research and Optimization: In-depth keyword research was performed to identify relevant and high-performing keywords. The existing keyword list was refined, eliminating non-performing or low-relevance keywords. New keywords were incorporated into the campaigns to improve relevancy and attract better-quality traffic.

Ad Copy Optimization: The existing ad copy was revamped to make it more compelling, engaging, and aligned with the target audience’s needs. The new ad copy highlighted unique selling propositions and included persuasive call-to-action statements to entice users to click and convert.

Bid Management and Budget Allocation: The campaign bids were adjusted strategically, focusing on keywords with higher conversion potential. The budget was reallocated to prioritize top-performing campaigns and keywords while reducing spend on underperforming areas.

Monitoring and Performance Tracking: Robust tracking mechanisms were implemented to monitor campaign performance, including key metrics like CPC, conversion rate, ACOS, and return on ad spend (ROAS). Regular performance reviews and data analysis allowed for timely adjustments and ongoing optimization.


The Outcomes We Achieved

Skyrocket sales: After applying a strategic approach, we skyrocket the sales from $43k to $111k in just 30 days.

Decreased CPC: Through keyword optimization, bid management, and ad copy improvements, the CPC was reduced significantly. This resulted in increased ad visibility and improved traffic.

Increased Conversion Rate: The listing optimizations, combined with enhanced ad copy, led to a significant improvement in the conversion rate. The revised product descriptions and engaging ad content helped build trust and encourage users to make purchases.

Controlled ACOS: The ACOS was successfully reduced from 54% to 25%. The combination of improved CPC and higher conversion rates contributed to this achievement.

Enhanced Profitability: The optimization efforts resulted in improved campaign performance, generating a higher return on investment (ROI) for the client. The increased conversions and reduced ACOS directly impacted profitability and overall business growth.



What Our Clients Say

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We are thrilled to share some delightful video feedback received from a valued client. Their words of praise have truly brightened our day and serve as a testament to our commitment and hard work. The client expressed their immense satisfaction with our exceptional service, highlighting our professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to meeting their needs. These kind words not only affirm the quality of our work but also inspire us to continue delivering excellence.





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