£1.9M Sales in 8 Months


Brand sales rely on few products
The brand consists of more than 60 ASINs, but they are generating sales from a couple of listings.

Unoptimized Listings
It had a large number of ASINs, but only a few listings were optimized, leading to low conversion rates and decreased sales.

Unstructured campaigns
Campaigns are not well structured and have many ad groups with different products and numerous keywords. That directly impacts the campaign performance, causing uneven budget distribution, unwanted ad spending, non-tested keywords, and campaign optimization also suffered.

Keyword Indexing Issues
Many of the client’s products were not properly indexed on their primary keywords, reducing their visibility and organic reach.

High CPC for Low-Priced Products
Some of the low-priced products had high CPC rates, resulting in poor profitability.

Plan Of Action

Identify top-performing ASINs
The first step was to thoroughly analyze the brand’s business report to identify the top-performing ASINs.

Optimization of Top Products
The focus was placed on optimizing the top-performing products that contributed to 70% of sales. This involved improving product titles, descriptions, images, and bullet points with proper SEO to enhance their visibility and conversion rates.

Identify PPC gaps
We conducted a thorough review of PPC campaigns to identify any gaps. Our goal was to make the brand profitable even with an aggressive PPC strategy. We optimized the campaign structure, targeting relevant keywords, adjusting bids, and refining ad placements to improve overall performance.

Campaign Segmentation
Two types of campaigns were prioritized from the beginning:
a) Ranking Campaigns: These campaigns aimed to improve the organic ranking by targeting relevant keywords, optimizing content, and generating positive customer reviews.
b) Low CPC Campaigns: Specific campaigns were designed to target low CPC keywords and optimize bid management to reduce advertising costs for low-priced products.

The Outcomes We Achieved

Controlled ACOS
The ACOS was reduced from 77% to 27%, indicating a significant improvement in advertising efficiency and profitability.

Increased Monthly Revenue
The substantial growth in monthly revenue, from 100k to 235k, showcased the positive impact of the implemented strategies on sales.

Lower CPA
The CPA was reduced by 30%, indicating a more cost-effective approach to acquiring customers and driving sales.

Identification of New Opportunities
We identified additional profitable opportunities to expand the reach and generate cross-channel traffic. Initiatives such as Google Ads and Email Marketing were recommended to diversify the advertising efforts and reach a wider audience.



What Our Clients Say

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We are thrilled to share some delightful video feedback received from a valued client. Their words of praise have truly brightened our day and serve as a testament to our commitment and hard work. The client expressed their immense satisfaction with our exceptional service, highlighting our professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to meeting their needs. These kind words not only affirm the quality of our work but also inspire us to continue delivering excellence.





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